Why Qatar?

Why Qatar?

  • Qatar enjoys political and social stability.
  • Qatar enjoys a high standard of living and high purchasing power.
  • Qatar has one of the most vibrant economies in the region .
  • Central location in the Gulf enables easy access to other markets in the region.
  • Foreign investments enjoy full protection.
  • Qatar has good relations with other countries.
  • Qatar has a well developed infrastructure.
  • Qatar welcomes foreign investment in either on a joint venture basis or as a sole investor.
  • Qatar is carrying out a comprehensive development plan including many projects which provide lucrative investment opportunities.
  • Exemption from income tax is granted.
  • No quantitative restrictions are imposed on imports no export taxes.
  • Qatar provides cheap energy duty free imports of raw materials , equipment and machines.
  • Easy recruitment of employees of different skills and nationalities.
  • The state is actively encouraging expansion of the private sector as a contribution to the country's economic development.
  • First class hotels, beach resorts and a variety of clubs have plenty to offer to the visitors.


The limestone peninsula, which extends from the western side of the arabian gulf into its warm shallow waters, has a coastline well in excess of 700 kilometers, and total land area of just over 11,437 square kilometers, including its offshore islands and reefs. Not surprisingly, the country has many historical ties with the sea.

Many areas of the country lay below sea level, with the highest point approximately 120m above sea level. Salt flats or “sabkha” characterise many of the low-laying areas, where the gypsum formations known as “desert rose” can be found just below the surface.


Qatar enjoys sunshine just about everyday of the year. The average temperatures during the summer range from 3hi je8°c to 42°c during the day and 18°c at night, while winter temperatures are 34°c during the day and 10°c at night.

Swimming in the arabian gulf or in the many hotel pools, water sports, desert and city tours, shopping – a perfect location for visitors to soak up the sunshine. Once the sun sets, go star-gazing in the clear night sky, enjoy a moonlight stroll along the corniche, or view the skyline from doha bay. This clean and pristine environment offers visitors ideal conditions to completely unwind and enjoy their time in qatar poetry and song, while amazing art is created through weaving. Using tools made from both wood and gazelle horn, weavers work with sheep, goat, and camel wool to create beautiful rugs, tents, and cushions.

Qatar Rubber Industries


The people of qatar are friendly and make visitors feel very welcome. Arabic is the official language, although english is widely used. Qatar is an islamic state, which guides not only the religious beliefs of qataris but also plays a large part in daily living.

Beautiful mosques are located throughout the country for daily prayers, and qataris are guided by the muslim teachings and values. Primarily a bedouin culture, qatar’s traditions are based on poetry and song, while amazing art is created through weaving. Using tools made from both wood and gazelle horn, weavers work with sheep, goat, and camel wool to create beautiful rugs, tents, and cushions.


The official currency is the qatari riyal (qr), divided into 100 dirhams. Banknote denominations include 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500. Coinages included 25 and 50 dirhams. The riyal exchange rate is pegged to the us dollar at qr 3.65.



Moving around qatar is quite easy and there are several options available to visitors. Limousine services are available through a variety of companies. More expensive than taxis, but very reasonably priced, late model vehicles with knowledgeable drivers are provided. The most economical method is the public transport buses, known as karwa.


For all information on entry visas for qatar, please follow the link below to the qatar ministry of interior http://www.moi.gov.qa and when in qatar all the information can be reached in qatar e-government website http://www.e-goverment.com